When looking for a wills and trust attorney in Lexington, look no further than ElderLawLexington | McClelland & Associates, PLLC. In Kentucky, as elsewhere in the country, wills and trusts are important components of estate planning. When you come to ElderLawLexington, you can rest assured that our skilled attorneys will assist you with relevant estate planning issues.

The experienced and skilled attorneys at ElderLawLexington can help you with all relevant estate planning issues.

A will protects your plan for loved ones and your accumulated assets. Your will serves many purposes. Among them it can:

  • Name a personal guardian for children
  • Name a personal representative to make sure the terms of your will are carried out
  • Name a trusted individual to manage property you leave to a loved one or family member(s)
  • Protect family inheritance and special needs beneficiaries
  • Make specific bequests of historic family property

There are many types of trusts, each designed to meet particular circumstances. Trusts serve a variety of financial purposes: Asset protection, special needs planning, controlling how and when assets will be distributed after your death, avoiding probate and protecting your privacy. ElderLawLexington can help you make use of trusts that are appropriate to your unique situation. A revocable trust is organized so that you can use and control your assets during your lifetime and control their disposition after you die. One of the advantages of a revocable trust is that it can be altered or even eliminated whenever you wish. Irrevocable trusts can protect family assets for Medicaid eligibility.

A will is an important document in estate planning, allowing you to make specific decisions regarding your assets. Rather than a probate court distributing your inheritance to your next of kin, you get to choose the individuals or entity that receives your property once you’re gone. A trust can allow you to hold your assets until your beneficiaries take them over later. A trust can avoid the probate process, saving your loved ones valuable time and money in the future.

It is essential that you make estate planning decisions rooted in a basic understanding of your options. ElderLawLexington is here to help you make sense not only of the laws governing wills and trusts but of how these laws pertain to your unique priorities. Our in-depth knowledge will assist you in making the right decisions.

When planning for the distribution of assets upon death, deciding on a will or trust can be a difficult decision. At ElderLawLexington, we guide clients in making the right decision and we have developed estate plans for hundreds of Lexington area clients. Without a will, assets will be distributed by the court based on the law of succession and such distributions may not be what the deceased had in mind.

When developing a will or trust, make sure you create one tailored to your specific needs. At ElderLawLexington | McClelland & Associates, PLLC, we provide a wide range of estate planning services for individuals and families across Central and Eastern Kentucky. From wills and trusts to power of attorney, we will help you evaluate your options and find a plan that will honor your wishes and work for you.

As wills and trust attorneys in Lexington, KY, ElderLawLexington has years of experience creating important wills and trusts for individuals, using our knowledge to craft sound documents for you. We help with issues such as:

  • Transferring assets. We make it easy to designate beneficiaries for your property.
  • Ensuring your wishes get carried out. We give you the peace of mind that nothing will be left to chance after you’re gone.

Let ElderLawLexington help you navigate the process of creating a will or trust crafted for your specific needs. Call Before The Fall ®