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Are You Looking for Financial Assistance for Veterans in Lexington, KY?

When it comes to Veterans’ benefits, there are three main elements to the VA pension eligibility process: Financial, medical, and service. If you are unsure whether you qualify for benefits or you are having difficulty because your assets are too significant to qualify, you may need legal help.

Elder Law Lawyers can assist you with rearranging your assets or creating a Veterans Administration Aid and Attendance Benefits Trust. Eligibility for veterans’ benefits is a confusing subject that you should not attempt to navigate on your own. To prevent disqualifications, it is important that you consult with an experienced veterans’ benefits lawyer.

Elder Law Lawyers Has Extensive Experience Helping Veterans and Their Families Get What They Deserve

Veterans’ disability benefits are available to veterans and their families. Benefits are available to provide relief to veterans who have suffered injuries or illnesses while on active duty. Veterans are eligible for benefits for their injuries or illnesses regardless of whether they were sustained during combat or not. Spouses and children of veterans can also be eligible to receive some veterans benefits.

Elder Law Lawyers is committed to helping veterans and their families. We help our clients pursue veterans’ disability benefits and pension eligibility benefits. If you need help with a veterans’ benefits claim or an appeal of a denied claim, we can help.

Veterans have earned a variety of VA benefits that can significantly supplement not only their lives, but also the lives of their families.

These Benefits Include, But Are Not Limited To:

  • Disability compensation
  • Healthcare coverage
  • Employment services
  • Pension (service during a time of war)
  • Education and formal training
  • Housing assistance
  • Life insurance
  • Survivor services

Let Us Help You Navigate Through the Often Confusing Requirements to Get Your Veterans Benefits

Veterans Affairs offers a variety of programs that include pension assistance programs, long-term care, and medical services, retirement facilities, and burial benefits. These programs have different eligibility requirements that depend on your service, health, financial situation, and marital assistance. Submitting an application on your own with incomplete or incorrect information could result in significant delays or make you ineligible for that program. It is always best to consult with a VA-accredited attorney before applying for financial assistance.

Programs and services for veterans are not the same everywhere for every veteran. Some programs are based on when and where you served, your length of service, the type of discharge you received, and whether it was in wartime or during peacetime.

Although the VA has made many recent changes, long-term care financial assistance has been available to certain veterans and their surviving spouses through the Department of Veterans Affairs for over six decades. This benefit, which does not require a service-connected disability, is intended to help cover the costs of caregivers in the home or help with the costs of assisted living or a nursing home.

This benefit is available to military service members who served as little as one day during designated wartime periods, have qualifying income levels, who are 65 and older, and who require assistance with two or more activities of daily living, such as dressing, bathing, eating or using the bathroom. Depending on the level of need, the current benefit can be as much as $2,054 monthly for a veteran and spouse and up to $1,113 for the widow of a veteran.

Helping and Serving Those Who Served for Us

At Elder Law Lawyers, we proudly serve those who have served our country, helping them get the benefits and resources they have justly earned. Dealing with the VA can often be a frustrating and confusing experience, and ensuring that you receive the benefits that are available to provide for your needs is no different. We have the experience, knowledge, and commitment to veterans that enable us to be powerful advocates and steadfast allies when dealing with the VA. Elder Law Lawyers knows how to navigate through complex rules and bureaucracy, and we have a deep understanding of the interrelationship between veterans benefits, Medicaid planning, and estate planning.

Contact us today to get the benefits rightfully owed to you.