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Ensure Your Loved One is in the Care of a Capable Adult with Help from Our Adult Guardianship Attorneys

Losing the legal capacity to make choices regarding your finances and health can be daunting for you and your loved ones. Facing illness, memory decline, or challenges of aging can raise important questions about care and decision-making. Elder Law Lawyers are here to help you navigate these sensitive issues with understanding and expertise.

Our adult guardianship attorneys specialize in the legal framework designed to protect the well-being of adults who can no longer manage their affairs independently. Whether it’s ensuring proper medical care, safeguarding financial assets, or guaranteeing safe living arrangements, we stand by your side as a trusted advocate for your rights through every step of the guardianship process.

Don’t let legal uncertainties cloud your judgment. Contact Elder Law Lawyers today for a complimentary consultation, and let us help you secure the care and protection your loved one needs with compassion and confidence.

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When Is Seeking Adult Guardianship Necessary?

Elder Law Lawyers represent clients seeking adult guardianship or conservatorship over relatives who can no longer manage their own affairs. Typically, a family member comes to us looking for a legal appointment so that they can legally prove that they have the authority to act on behalf of the incapacitated party. In the case of adults, guardians are appointed when the court finds that an individual's ability to make responsible decisions is so impaired that it is necessary and in the adult's best interests to hand over the authority to make these decisions to another individual.

Kentucky law also provides that an adult may voluntarily choose to have a "curator" appointed. For example, this may happen when an individual is mentally competent. Still, his or her affairs are so burdensome or complicated and/or their physical health so impaired that he or she concludes that it is in their best interests to have someone else manage them. In the case of guardianship, Elder Law Lawyers petition the court to have a guardian appointed.

When a guardian is appointed, the guardian must base his/her decisions upon and act in the best interests of the ward, and the guardian's performance of responsibilities is subject to court review and oversight. The specific terms that govern the rules, procedures, duties, obligations, and relationship between the guardian and the ward are all set out in Kentucky statutes.

Please see the KGA Guardianship training video on our website for a complete summary of the adult guardianship process.

Adult Guardianship May Be Appropriate When a Person:

  • Cannot make or communicate safe or sound decisions
  • Has difficulty with financial affairs, e.g., paying bills and losing track of accounts
  • Forgets appointments
  • Mishandles medications
  • Drives unsafely
  • Displays unusual anger or paranoid behavior
  • Becomes susceptible to fraud or undue influence

Elder Law Lawyers Understands the Complex Legal Aspects You Face

Kentucky’s adult guardianship laws are nuanced and dynamic. Don’t settle for anything less than the best—Elder Law Lawyers' team of attorneys possess in-depth knowledge and unwavering support for your loved one’s well-being. With us by your side, their voice will be heard, and their rights will be protected throughout the guardianship process.

Personalized Approach

No two families are the same, and neither are their guardianship needs. Our personalized approach tailors a strategy unique to your situation, ensuring your loved one receives the care and respect they deserve.

Unwavering Advocation 

At Elder Law Lawyers, we take the weight off your shoulders, navigating the intricate web of forms, procedures, and court appearances for you so you can focus on what truly matters: your loved one’s care and well-being.

Expert Guidance

When it comes to your loved one, compromise isn’t an option. Our seasoned attorneys will guide you through the adult guardianship process, demystifying complex legalese and ensuring you understand all of the options available to you.

Secure Your Loved One’s Future: Act Now for Expert Adult Guardianship Guidance

Facing guardianship law can feel overwhelming, especially when your loved one’s well-being hangs in the balance. Peace of mind starts with the right guidance. Ensure your loved one’s future with confidence, and speak directly with an expert adult guardianship lawyer today. Elder Law Lawyers’ team of seasoned attorneys is available to answer your questions and explore your options. Contact us at (859) 543-0061 or by filling out the lead form below.