When a Guardian Is Appointed, Is the Spouse's Income Protected?

What happens to the spouse when a guardian is appointed? Specifically, my mother can no longer care for my stepfather. He had a stroke and it has taken a toll on her. If the court appoints a guardian, will the guardian take away my stepfather's income? My mother cannot survive without his income.

Is Money Gifted to Me for Medicaid Planning Purposes Considered My Money?

I have been asked to participate in a "note and gift" Medicaid plan for an aunt who has no other relatives. She is currently eligible for Medicaid and in a nursing home, but she recently inherited a large amount of money. The plan requires me to open a bank account in my name. I would use the account to make a monthly payment on a promissory note and pay the nursing home for the length of the penalty period. How does this account fit into my personal finances?