When looking for a Medicaid healthcare attorney in Lexington, KY, look no further than ElderLawLexington | McClelland & Associates, PLLC. The high cost of long-term care has made planning a critically important issue for most seniors and their families. Many seniors will likely require some form of long-term healthcare. Those seniors who have planned ahead by purchasing long-term care insurance have a degree of certainty and peace of mind knowing that they have a lesser need to rely on other sources in the future. Other options to pay for care are personal savings, Veterans benefits and Medicaid. Medicaid provides medical assistance to low-income individuals, including those people who are 65 or older. Medicaid is the single largest payer of nursing home bills in America.

ElderLawLexington | McClelland & Associates can help you prepare for incapacity and protect your family after your death.

At ElderLawLexington, we help people prepare for the uncertainties of life. We can help you prepare for incapacity and protect your family after your death. ElderLawLexington uses expert legal skills to work to ensure you are prepared no matter what the future brings.

Making a Medicaid healthcare plan is vital because you can access Medicaid to cover your expensive costs as a senior. Medicaid coverage is incredibly important because Medicaid is the only source of financial support for nursing home care in the majority of situations. Because Medicaid is means-tested and you cannot qualify if you have too many assets, you could be forced to pay out of your pocket for nursing home care. Without planning, only after impoverishing yourself and forever losing the chance to leave a legacy would Medicaid finally begin to cover your nursing home care. ElderLawLexington will help with Medicaid planning and help with taking other steps necessary to prepare for whatever life sends your way.

Finding quality care on short notice can be stressful. The Medicaid healthcare attorneys at ElderLawLexington in Lexington, KY can help you determine the best options of care and how to qualify for Medicaid to help finance them without spending your savings. Long-term care is expensive and these costs continue to increase as boomers age. If you are thinking about Medicaid, contact ElderLawLexington. There really is no time to waste. Timing is important! The sooner you consult with ElderLawLexington, the sooner you may be eligible for Medicaid. For most people, Medicaid only becomes an option after Medicare benefits are exhausted. What many people don’t realize is that Medicaid benefits are not automatic. To receive Medicaid, a patient and their spouse (if married) do not need to spend down their countable assets to qualify. It’s never too late to plan.

In Kentucky, one point of consideration for many estate plans is Medicaid planning. The costs of long-term care, especially in a nursing home or assisted living facility, may be staggering, quickly depleting an individual or couple’s lifetime savings and other assets. The knowledgeable Medicaid planning attorneys at ElderLawLexington can help you review your particular situation.

Families come to ElderLawLexington | McClelland & Associates when they are struggling to understand how to pay for care of an elder or disabled loved one with diminishing private funds. It is not required to spend all your money to qualify for Medicaid and they don’t take your house. Accessing benefits through Medicaid to pay for long-term care in a nursing home is almost always a consideration in estate planning. A Medicaid Asset Protection Plan from ElderLawLexington addresses major concerns such as the cost of care, running out of money and losing the homestead or life savings to care.

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