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Adult Guardianship

Losing the legal capacity to make choices regarding your finances and health can be daunting for you and your loved ones. Facing illness, memory decline, or challenges of aging can raise important questions about care and decision-making. The experts at Elder Law Lawyers are here to help you navigate these sensitive issues with understanding and expertise.

Our adult guardianship attorneys specialize in the legal framework designed to protect the well-being of adults who can no longer manage their affairs independently. Whether it’s ensuring proper medical care, safeguarding financial assets, or guaranteeing safe living arrangements, we stand by your side as a trusted advocate for your rights through every step of the guardianship process. Get in touch with us today to request your consultation.

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Contact Elder Law Lawyers today for a personalized consultation, and let us help you secure the care and protection you or your loved one needs with compassion and confidence.

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Legal Guardianship for Adults with Disabilities in Lexington, KY

Whether you are born with disabilities or not, developing them is a natural part of getting older—both physically and mentally. It is important to prepare for the point when you are no longer able to make critical decisions for yourself. Having legal plans in place ensures you’re looked after by someone with your best interests in mind and alleviates stress and uncertainty for your loved ones.


Our dedicated attorneys will work closely with you to manage financial matters, healthcare decisions, and other personal affairs on behalf of you or your incapacitated family member.

Continued Work

We provide ongoing guidance and representation to guardians in fulfilling their responsibilities, such as managing the ward’s finances, healthcare decisions, and personal affairs.

Peace of Mind

We empower individuals and families to make informed decisions and ensure their loved one receives the care and support they deserve.

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What is a Guardianship?

Guardianship in Kentucky involves a legal arrangement where a court-appointed adult takes on the responsibility of caring for a ward who has been deemed legally disabled and unable to manage their personal and financial affairs. The guardian, who may be a friend or family member, steps in to support the disabled individual in their day-to-day needs.

If there is no suitable guardian available, the court appoints the Cabinet for Health and Family Services as the state guardian. You can learn more about the duties of a guardian and how to set up a legal guardianship by contacting Elder Law Lawyers to arrange your consultation.

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Your Adult Guardianship FAQs

In certain regions, an adult guardianship may be referred to as a “conservatorship.”

Conservatorship is a legal arrangement where a court appoints someone to oversee the affairs of a minor or an incapacitated individual. It allows for legal guardianship over adults needing assistance, often used by families for the medical, financial, and mental health needs of a parent.

The level of conservatorship depends on the individual’s decision-making capacity, ranging from limited control to full control, similar to a parent-child relationship. In the case of a minor, this is most often referred to as guardianship.

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Adult guardianship legal services provide vital support for individuals who are unable to make decisions for themselves due to incapacitation or disability. Our guardianship attorneys assist families and individuals in navigating the complex process of establishing and managing a guardianship.

These legal services play a crucial role in safeguarding the well-being and rights of vulnerable adults who are unable to advocate for themselves, ensuring that their needs are met and their interests are upheld under the law. Contact us today to request your consultation.

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