Elder Law Medicaid Planning

ElderLawLexington provides various elder law services including Medicaid Planning for people throughout Kentucky.ElderLawLexington | McClelland & Associates provides a broad range of elder law services including Medicaid planning for individuals and their families in Lexington and throughout the state of Kentucky. Medicaid is a needs-based public benefit program that is primarily funded by the federal and state governments and administered by each state. Medicaid will help pay for long-term custodial care in a skilled nursing facility. In nursing home Medicaid it is the resident’s responsibility to contribute his/her monthly income toward the cost of care and the remaining charges are paid by Medicaid.

Medicaid planning is estate planning to preserve assets from unnecessary expense for nursing home care. It is not necessary to spend all your assets in order to qualify for Medicaid.

ElderLawLexington is committed to helping people and families, while focusing on providing attentive and compassionate legal counsel, navigating through every step in the legal process while protecting your interests and advocating for your rights. The federal and state laws governing Kentucky Medicaid eligibility and Medicaid benefits continue to change and are far more complicated than what most people anticipate. ElderLawLexington can help to create a road-map for Medicaid eligibility and develop an integrated legal and financial strategy to utilize Medicaid benefits to pay for long term nursing home care and to protect assets.

Medicaid planning at Elder Law Lexington is the development and implementation of a comprehensive strategy utilizing all applicable laws to reallocate, distribute and preserve assets in such a way that Medicaid will not take them into consideration when determining eligibility for coverage and benefits. Our Medicaid planning attorneys at ElderLawLexington assist individuals and families with the complexities of Medicaid laws and rules. We strive to create an environment for those in need of benefits to be eligible to receive the best possible care for them or a loved one should they require nursing home or other care. The laws surrounding Medicaid eligibility are complex. That’s why you should consult an experienced and knowledgeable Medicaid planning attorney at Elder Law Lexington to address issues and provide you with a comprehensive strategy tailored to your specific situation. Medicaid planning is a process of working with all applicable laws to set aside savings for the benefit of nursing home residents who will otherwise be economically devastated by the exorbitant cost of private nursing home care. Fundamentally, the earlier planning begins, the more money is saved.

Elder law Medicaid planning with the assistance of ElderLawLexington can assist families address or create:

  • Asset preservation strategy
  • Prevent impoverishing an elder family member to pay for care
  • Establish special needs trust to pay for excluded items to enhance quality of life
  • Asset distribution and transfer strategy that is lawful and doesn’t jeopardize Medicaid eligibility
  • Qualify elder or disabled family member for Medicaid financial support
  • Optimize healthcare options in a nursing home or other care
  • Save the family significant money

It is possible to protect assets and income and still be eligible for Medicaid with experienced legal advice and aid in comprehensive elder law Medicaid planning from the qualified attorneys at ElderLawLexington. We can assist you in preserving your assets for yourself and your loved ones while strictly adhering to all federal, state and local laws. Medicaid can pay for most of the costs of nursing home care if the applicant qualifies under the medical and financial requirements of Kentucky’s Medicaid program.

For more information about how effective elder law Medicaid planning can help you or a loved one, contact us at ElderLawLexington and schedule a consultation.